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Support Personnel

Instructional Support Personnel
  Yuletpsi Barreto PSA Counselor
  Luz Gonzalez TSP Adviser
  Amber Hogan Speech and Language Therapist
  Denise Rodriguez PSW Counselor
Office Support Personnel
  Sonia De La Torre School Administrative Assistant (SAA)
Cafeteria Staff
  Nancy Cisneros Food Services Worker
  Jexther Corpus Food Services Manager
  Maria Lopez Senior Food Services Worker
  Rosa Romero Food Services Worker
  Elizabeth Vega Food Services Worker
Custodial Staff
  Arturo Vazquez Plant Manager
Community Representative
  Denise Valdez Community Representative
Teacher Assistants
  Virginia Cruz Teacher Assistant
  Adela Recarte Special Education Assistant
  Denise Valenzuela Teacher Assistant
  Tangie Ward Special Education Assistant
Yard Supervision Staff
  Jose Barrios Campus Aide
  Ines Silva Supervision Aide
YDP After School Staff